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Our team is set up in year 2018 with the objective to support real estate agent in administration work, so that agent could have more time to generate more sales. Our service fee is very nominal and unsustainable. However, we understand your sweat and tears, therefore we try to digitalize our service so that we can keep our fee as low as possible. And yes, we are happy that
  1. we keep our stamping fee same rate as day one
  2. we add-on more features to support agents. Thus, please share our platform to your teammate so that we can sustain and grow together with you.
Thus, please share our platform to your teammate so that we can sustain and grow together with you.

我们的团队是抱着为支援房地产中介而成立的于2018年,为了让中介争取更多时间做销售,你可以把租约合同草拟及印花的工作交给我们。我们的收费是很微不足道的。但是我们谅解中介的辛酸,为了确保你可以以最低的价钱支付而我们也可基本运营,我们必须尽量电子化,简单化。 很高兴的是,
  1. 我们保留从前2018年的收费
  2. 我们添加了更多服务方案
  3. 希望你可以把我们这平台分享给你的伙伴,让我们可以一起成长。

Q : When can I get my stamping page / tenancy ?
A : Usually we get the stamping page from LHDN in 3-5 working days.

Q : I need it to get Tenancy stamping urgently, how ?
A : If you need it urgently, please walk into nearest LDHN personally.

Q : How can I know what status is my case ?
A : Go to the email we send you, click on the link ViewStatus.

Q : Why I not able to submit ? not successful ?
A : Please scroll up and read the Red box, what is the items pending.

Q : I do not understand what your reply / comment !!
A : Please get advice from your leader / office admin to assist you.

Q : How I know if I submit successfully ?
A : Our system will generate an email to you immediately. Please check your inbox / junk box / spam box.

Q : Can I still submit thru email / whatsapp ?
A : Sorry, we do not cater to this at the moment.

Q : Why must I upload Tenancy in PDF 2MB ?
A : That is requirement by LDHN.
问:为什么合同必须PDF 2MB?

Q : How can my client check on the stamping page is genuine ?
A : The authenticity of the Stamp Certificate can be verified at or by scan the QR Code by using official mobile app < Semakan Ketulenan Sijil>
答:可以游览 或使用《Semakan Ketulenan Sijil》App 手机软件扫描其二维码。

Q : I notice my error / mistake right after I submitted to you, how to inform you ?
A : Go to email, click on the link ViewStatus or you may email you reference no. and issue to

Q : I want to cancel, can I get my refund ?
A : Once your case is in progress, we are unable to cancel and refund.

Q : I got my stamping page and I found an mistake, how ?
A : You may walkin any LDHN to amend or email back to us at

Q : Why yet due for 1 month but you count Penalty ?
A : Our system is set few days in advance, we collect penalty on conservative mode; if excess, we shall ask for your account for refund. Prehaps it is more efficiently reason being LHDN usually takes few working days to process; weekend may fall in between your submission date and LHDN process; efficiency in time, if penalty incurred we no need to wait for you to top up.

Q : If I accidentally bank in money to you, why i cannot withdraw ?
A : In compliance with AMLA (Anti Money Laundry Act) and regardless of the amount of money, we unable to refund to you. However, we shall keep the money with us, so you can contra with any of our service. Example, you may email Tenancy for stamping together with the accidentally bank in slip, and we reply you on the matter accordingly.

Q : Can i get a receipt ?
A : There is an e-receipt generate instantly and sent your email. Kindly look for email generate from

Q :
A :

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