User Manual

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User Manual


Agreement Date
1. Kindly insert the Agreement Date in Tenancy.
2. LHDN do not accept Post-Dated Agreement (future date).

Please note that Agreement Date is the date when the Agreement is made. It might not be the same as Commencement Date.

Landlord's/Tenant's/Property's Detail
1. Make sure the Landlord's/Tenant's information in cover page, signing page & schedule page is free from typographical error. 2. Insert full Demised/Property Address in Schedule Page.

Term of Tenancy
Make sure the period of tenancy is accurate. i.e.
Tenancy Term : 1 year
Commencement : 1 April 2021
Expiry : 31 March 2022

Avoid mistake such as expiry on 30 March 2022 / 1 April 2022 / 31 March 2023.

Signing page of Tenancy Agreement
1. Tenant must sign on the Agreement before submit for stamping.

Tenancy Full Set
1. If your tenancy exceed 2MB, you may compress the file through
2. Tenancy must be able to easy read.
3. Upload PDF file only.

Total Payable
1. Total amount that you need to pay to Insight Tenancy Solutions. Amount is including stamping fee payable to LHDN.

Agent's Email
1. Please make sure you enter your email correctly.

1. Make your payment to :
Insight Tenancy Solutions (002870929X)
UOB 2273011015